Methodology for Orange Glue

Topics: Perfume, Liquid, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: December 27, 2011
Making glue out of polystyrene or Styrofoam can lessen pollution because Styrofoam needs many years to decomposed. It can also block sewage systems that can cause flood. So, the solution we can apply is making the Styrofoam as scented glue. A. Operational hypothesis

Orange scented glue is more effective than other glue available in the market. B. Null hypothesis
Orange scented glue is less effective than other glue available in the market.

A. Research Design
Discuss the independent, dependent, and controlled variables B. Materials
Orange peels
Alcohol or Vodka
Coffee filter or strainer

C. Treatment and Procedure
Prepare a clean Styrofoam and cut it into pieces for a faster breaking down. (Breaking down the Styrofoam might be odorous) Prepare the solution of orange oil by peeling the oranges. Put the peel in a warm dry place (such as in a sunny window ledge) to dry. Grate the peels with a grater or grind them in a grinder, blender or food processor after they are dry. Put the ground peel into a glass jar. Add enough alcohol (grain alcohol or vodka, for instance) to cover the peel. Cover the jar tightly with the lid. Leave the covered jar in the sun. Shake the jar periodically over the course of several days. (Warm alcohol will result in more yield, so leave the jar in a sunny spot.) Strain the mixture through a coffee filter or paper towel. Leave the strained alcohol in a small covered dish. When the alcohol evaporates, the remaining liquid is the orange oil. Mix the orange oil with the Styrofoam. The Styrofoam will then break down into a thin liquid form. Take the resulting liquid, which will amount to an orange scented glue and pour into a jar. Label it well as "Glue" before you put it away, so you and your household will know what it is later. D. Effectiveness of the Glue

to test the effectiveness of the glue, the following steps shall be done: take the product of the...
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