Media and Sexuality

Topics: Self-esteem, Man, Smell Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: June 2, 2014
I feel the embarrassment of women in advertising usually focus on women being considered as male sexual objects. The complete AXE campaign in commercials treats both men and women as dense idiots, and assumes that young men will believe that spraying crap on themselves will attract hot young women. The commercials has the man spraying magic cologne known as Axe, he becomes the sexual object of women's desire. Literally hundreds of women are running through the jungle hunting down a smell as their life depends on it. When they reach the smell, the prey, which is a man is spraying Axe all over his body. The sad part is how many guys fall for it. The advertising works. My teenage stepson has his cronies over constantly during the week and weekends. My basement known as the hangout smells like an Axe bomb just got dropped. When their friends who are girls are coming over it is the worst, they put on twice as much. I basically want to suffocate myself in sweet smelling air fresheners, It reminds me of my high school experience when all the teen boys drowned themselves in Calvin Klein cologne. I have tried to tell them that they might be actually offending some of the girls, because they might have viewed the Axe commercial. Their response is "No way man, chicks goes crazy over this stuff". Are men really senseless enough to believe that if they spray themselves with something in a can that beautiful women as defined by the media will intensely throw themselves at them? The commercial shows attractive women tackling down guys that spray it on but it also makes guys look like idiots because in real life no one believes putting on a cheap body spray will attract anyone. It concern me because guys who has low self esteem or are suffering from not being attracted to women are desperate enough to buy Axe products. In the Hardee’s ad, well-known celebrity, Kim Kardashian, is and is shown eating one of the hamburger chain's salads. There are two strategies going on in...
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