Me After 10 Yrs

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Company, Real estate Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: March 19, 2013
*My Future After* 10 Years 
Sometimes I imagine about my future after 10 years and smile. Thinking about my future is very delightful. Many people usually dream of becoming a good person or having a good family. So I want to tell about my future in the three points: job life, house and hobby.  First, I tell my job life. After 10years, I’m 37years old. I work in such a big company as a chemical engineering. I work only for five days during a week and get 5million won of salary. When I have some meeting with companies, we do other things than drinking alcohol. For examples, we can play bowling or badminton, or go to Karaoke. Although I work in big company, I study stocks and real estate for after my retirement.  Second, I tell my house. Living in 150 square feet of condo, I have wife and two children. Bring up a boy and a girl; housework with wife is the greatest happiness of my life. If I rest a little bit at home, my children begin to come home from tae- kwon-do gym or piano lesson. I think I'll be happy with my family.  Finally, I tell my hobby. I do not smoke but drink alcohol sometimes although I do not get drunk. I play golf with my friends and companies. When my favorite season winter is coming I enjoy snowboard. Although I'm so old after the years, I really enjoy my life with activity sports.  All of these are my future dream that I think. Good father and company are going to be spending my 37 years old by colleague who is good to wife and child in home. Even if hard and difficult event happens, brave I am going to be taking the morning powerfully today after 10 years and try for my day always. For these to be not just dream but a real, I would prepare for it. For my future
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