Marketing Research on Body Image

Topics: Self-esteem, Mass media, Personality type Pages: 10 (2524 words) Published: March 21, 2014
MKTG 2010
Major Project Report
Body Image in Three Countries
Tutorial group A3


DONE BY: STEFQ Research Company
Lay Kiet Tam (3102578)
Lin Fengfeng (3105718)
May Han Thein (3087097)
Qiao Zeshen (3121239)
Steven Chew (3098449)


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1. Background of the Research Case -------------------------------------------------4 1.1. Purpose of the Research -----------------------------------------------------4 2. Secondary Research -----------------------------------------------------------------5 3. Qualitative Research ----------------------------------------------------------------6 4. Problem Definition ------------------------------------------------------------------9 4.1. Statement of MRP,MROs ---------------------------------------------------9 4.2. Statement of Research Hypothesis -----------------------------------------9 4.3. Research Model --------------------------------------------------------------10 5. Description of Sampling Technique Used ---------------------------------------11 6. Findings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 6.1. Respondent Profile and Overview of Important Variables -----------11 7. Limitations --------------------------------------------------------------------------13 7.1. Limitations of Information ------------------------------------------------14 7.2. Limitations of Time --------------------------------------------------------14 7.3. Limitations of Expense ----------------------------------------------------14 7.4. Limitation of sample method ---------------------------------------------14 8. Recommendations ------------------------------------------------------------------15 9. Reference List -----------------------------------------------------------------------16 Appendices --------------------------------------------------------------------------17



Background of the Research Case

Nowadays, people treat body image as one core component of personality. In Western cultures, body image is seen as one of the most significant values. Survey in the US showed that only 25 percent of adults think they are nice-looking. Another 87 percent of surveyed people say that they would like to change any part of their body if they could. In the US, many people diet regularly and they spend a lot of money on weight loss products, cosmetics and fragrances. Demand of market for body enhancement and medication is still increasing and number of people who seek for cosmetic surgery has grown rapidly, from 300,000 in 1981 to 1,500,000 in 1988. However, dissatisfaction with one's own body image may cause some serious health problems such as eating disorders, use of body building steroids, feeling of low self-esteem and depression. Even in non-Western societies like Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Japan, number of eating disorders is increasing.

It is said that the media and advertising industries should be responsible for occurrence of this issue because they promote thin, athletic body images. Due to social stresses to the ideal of ultrathin, supermodel body, young women are most easily influenced by media image. Although media do have influence on body image, it is different to point out that there is a direct relationship between media images and individual's behaviour and self-perception.


Purpose of the Research

The purpose of the research is to find out whether the media should change the way they promote the body image to public.



Secondary Research

Following information and relations were found as secondary research regarding with the perception towards body image.

The first research was Hargreaves's research which was discussed the effect of a self-esteem threat combined with exposure to thin images on body image satisfaction and investment. However, not all women are affected equally by media...
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