Topics: Measurement, Output, Employment Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Questions for Discussion
1. What performance standards should guide a hospital emergency room or fire department? The various effective performance standard that should guide a hospital emergency room or fire department are as follows’ * New employees should be informed about your expectation about job performance. * Motivate open and trusting communication among employees. * Appreciate job performance so employees get motivated to perform even better. * Train employees to differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable results. * Set high standard of work ethic and culture.

Performance standard helps employees perform at their best level which is mutually expected by the employer or co-worker and it will also minimize unexpected behavior at workplace.

2. Can one control performance equally well with input standards and output standards?

The control process consists of four steps, setting objectives and standards, measuring actual performance, comparing actual performance and taking necessary action. Under the first step of setting objective and standards, the process of input and output standards is measured. The output standard measures the performance results in terms of quantity, quality, cost or time. They also measure actual outcome or work results. On the other hand input standard measures the work efforts that go into a performance task. These are helpful in situations where outputs are difficult or expensive to measure. On a workplace the performance can be controlled well with both input and output standards but may not be equally well depending upon the situation or nature of the workplace. They are both equally important depending upon the situation and desired standard measurement.

2. What are the possible downsides to management by exception? Management by exception focuses attention on differences between actual and desired performance. It is the practice of giving attention to high priority situations that show...
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