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On May 3, 1980 Candy Lightner lost her 13 year old daughter, Cari Lightner, when a drunk driver stuck Cari and killed her tragically. Clarence Bush was the man behind the wheel and Candy Lightner had come to learn that he had a grocery list of arrests for intoxication. Unfortunately, the police officer working on the Cari Lightner case informed Candy that drunk drivers were not prosecuted harshly and Clarenece Busch would unlikely be thrown in jail for his heinous crime (he was eventually founded guilty of vehicular homicide and spent 21 months in jail). With her grief, anger and need for justice, Candy founded MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). The purpose of MADD was to create harsher laws and penalties against drunk driving, and later against all driving under the influence of any substance. Candy began this process by lobbying the governor of California, Jerry Brown, to set up a state task force to investigate drunk driving. ("", 2009). Before the end of 1984, significant progress had been made. In 1981, a law had been established fining drunk drivers a minimum of $375 and also mandatory incarceration for repeat offenders. According to “” (2009), President Ronald Reagan soon asked Lightner to serve on the National Commission on Drunk Driving, which recommended raising the minimum drinking age to 21 and revoking the licenses of those arrested for drunk driving. In July 1984, she stood next to Reagan as he signed a law reducing federal highway grants to any state that failed to raise its drinking age to 21 (a change that was estimated to save around 800 traffic deaths annually); by the following year, all 50 states had tightened their drunk-driving laws.” (MADD founder’s daughter killed by drunk driver). Consuming alcohol has been a social pastime since the lift of prohibition and “having a drink” has become a common activity for people in our culture. In general, social drinking is viewed as an ok thing. What society...

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