M3 Discuss The Effects On Self

Topics: Self-esteem, Self image, Individual Pages: 1 (530 words) Published: November 29, 2014
M3 – Discuss the effects on self esteem and self confidence of the physical changes associated with ageing.

All physical changes that happen with ageing have an effect on individuals self esteem and confidence. A physical change like bone loss or stiffening on the joints makes it really hard for someone to function independently. This could affect their self esteem, as it will be very difficult to ask for help and accept the fact they cannot so everything by themselves. It will make them doubt themselves and their own ability to cope. They can feel like they have no use in life or to anyone else, after retiring they would feel like they have no purpose.

A person self confidence, with ageing they may feel embarrassed from all the help they need, which means they isolate themselves away at home and avoid having to go out, so they don’t need help. They would have a low self confidence due to the decrease in movement and will feel ashamed to what has happened to them and try avoiding any times of communicating with other outside their home. This is not always the case with everyone, some people embrace the change that has happened to them and see the positives and see it as another challenge in life to cope with.

The slowing of the metabolism makes it harder for elderly people to lose weight and stay active. This could have an impact in their self esteem as they would have a poor self image of themselves. They can hate the changes that have happened to them and can make them feel ashamed of what they look like. This would have an impact on their confidence as if they would not like how they see them elves then they will have no confidence to go out and face many people who know them and see their changes. They will avoid going out.

Another physical change to ageing is the wrinkling of the skin and it becomes saggy, losing firmness. This could affect an individual’s self esteem as they could have poor and negative self image. They could look at...
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