Lying Stealing Cheating

Topics: Lie, Self-esteem, Morality Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: April 29, 2015
Jenna Bengivenga
English 122-46

As a young child, we are taught that lying, stealing and cheating are wrong and immoral for us to do. A child will normally obey these rules as to not lying, stealing or cheating but as a child grows older, these things become apart of a persons lifestyle. Why in this society do we consider lying, stealing and cheating immoral and/or illegal?

Lying is caused or brought upon by many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is “the easy way out”. Lying comes as a second nature as a person. Some may lie to intentionally help someone out but do more damage. A person will start out with little lies here or there to really see how much they will get away with. If that person gets away with their lies they will start to lie more. Eventually they will lie so much that they will start to believe their own lies and not even realize that they are lying. Lying is very dangerous causing breakage to relationships. Lying is immoral because it affects not only yourself but also others. Liars frequently have a very big chance to exposure, because it is very hard to keep the fact to be a secret. However, there are still many lies in today's society. Because they all want the benefit, which is follow with a success lie. In the end, it's the person that's making the lie that has to live with them. It is truly up to the individual person to see if they can live with the consequence their lives would cause.

Cheating in a relationship, a test, a game or in anything is unfair and dishonest. Cheating is act of being lazy and can become addicting. Like lying, when you cheat it can ruin relationships and/or effect yourself in the long run and is a false gain. When cheating in a relationship it can cause that person to develop trust issues and low self esteem and also creates bad karma for your self. A person that cheats in a relationship should not be in a relationship at all. When cheating on schoolwork or on a test you are taking the...
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