Legal Drinking Age

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Legal Drinking Age Should not be Lowered to 18

It was 11 o' clock at night, and I was driving back from a friend's house on a Saturday night. As I was crossing an intersection, bright blue and red lights were flashing on the right side. As I turned to look to satisfy my curiosity, I noticed a car was upside down and another car had crashed into the side of the road. It was devastating to see and of course I wanted to know what had happened. I went home and turned on the local news to see if there was any media coverage about this accident. Unfortunately, a drunk driver had caused the accident. As we mature we are given more freedoms, and have to make choices that are right for us. In my opinion, the legal drinking age should not be lowered to eighteen because there would be accidents on the road. Another thing is that most people persist in believing that they can drink and still be alert drivers, yet not realizing that alcohol is still a major factor in at least half of all fatal highway accidents. Alcoholism can cause rapid poisoning and it is really east for someone to be addicted to alcohol, and become an alcoholic.

First, the legal drinking age should not be lowered because there will be more accidents. Society and media has always made an impression that alcohol is an essential ingredient in social gatherings. Television, radio, magazine, social media, and so forth are major advertisers for ads pertaining to alcohol, since liquor companies pay major amount of money to advertise in these media outlets. These media ads are seen everywhere from sports, to nightclubs, to billboards, more than million liquor commercials and ads appear in all of media outlets. I believe, majority of people from ages 21-35 are more known to drink alcohol on frequent basis than others, whether it's at home, or place of social gatherings. Many college students receive bad grades if they have a bad habit of drinking alcohol, it causes them not to focus or concentrate in their...
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