Lab Report for the Limiting Factors of the Cedar Glade

Topics: Population, Hunting, Pressure sensitive tape Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Lab Report for the Limiting Factors of the Cedar Glade

Mrs. Hall

In the wild, populations are normally controlled by limiting factors that are either biotic or abiotic. These prevent the population from continually growing and reaching their carrying capacity. This experiment will teach one what it is like to study real populations and to help one use and learn the meanings of certain words. Hypothesis:

Investigation 1: If both the male and female owl hunt both 2 times a day in the spring with favorable mouse conditions then, the owls will live and eat well almost every day because there are many mice, 2 owls, and no predators Investigation 2: If both the male and female both hunt twice a day with 25% (20 mice) of the population dead then, the owls will eat good for the first few days, but will slowly decrease until death in the 7th through 9th day, because in order to live one must get a total of 4 mice within 3 days and after one hunts for a few days, the mice will get scarcer and scarcer, until there are none left. Investigation 3: If the male and female both hunt 2 times a day with snakes as competitors which eat 6 mice a day then the owls will survive for 6 to 8 days then die off because with the owls eating mice and then snakes taking out 6 mice every day, that is 36 mice the snakes have eaten in just 6 days. Eventually, the mice will completely die off.

The materials one will need are: masking tape, yard stick or tape measure, pipe cleaners bent into 10 x 10 cm squares to represent the owls, colored pencils, graph paper, large bag of pinto beans (or other dried beans) to represent mice, and a student data sheet. Methods:

Procedures for investigation 1: First one would lay down a 4ft. x 4ft. square with the masking tape, on the cleared floor. Next, form a group of four: Bean Counter, who would scatter beans between rounds, removes and adds beans. Recorder, who would read directions and record the data collected....
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