Isabel Sophie Dynamic

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Sophie and Isabel influence each other in a negative fashion in this book. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that they are doing the complete opposite of helping each other. Sophie makes Isabel act like a crazy person because she still loves Larry whereas Isabel completely destroys Sophie in her little scheme.

Sophie is introduced at the beginning of the book as a plain girl who is quite shy but when we meet her again in the middle of the book we find that there is no more shyness at all. She is drunk and high on opium in a bad part of Paris. Isabel immediately puts judgement on her and how she should have coped better with her situation (her husband and daughter died in a car crash). Seeing Sophie brings out Isabel's true colours about how she really feels and that she would easily get over it and move on with her life showing her lack of sympathy. “If they were killed in a motor accident I should go out of my mind, but sooner or later I’d pull myself together,” here Isabel expresses how if her family died she would no doubt get over it and she thinks Sophie should have gotten over it too instead of going down this self-destructive path. !

Isabel constantly puts judgement and shame on Sophie throughout the whole book as she could not imagine why she would get drunk and high every night unless she actually like it. “Sophie wallows in the gutter because she likes it,” but maybe it is the only why she can go on living with the terrible tragedy that occurred to her. Sophie’s presence brings out the worst in Isabel and shows her true feelings about life and her views on getting on with things. Isabel proves to have a very small mind and thinks she is always right. “Don’t waste your pity on her, she’s now what at heart she always was,” Here you see that Isabel has a lack of understanding and has no effort to even try and begin to know what Sophie went through and it just...
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