Is Being Fashionable a Sin?

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"Don't judge a book from it's cover" is a great phrase, but we do actually judge appearance first before getting to know people. That first impression helps anywhere, and good knowledge of fashion, and being well groomed really helps.

I think it was Marilyn Monroe that said, "Clothing should be tight enough to show you are a woman, but loose enough to show you are a lady". Words to live by!! I want to tell them that being modest does NOT mean covering yourself in a shapeless denim bag of a dress that hides any last speck of femininity! It is possible to be beautiful, stylish, and modest. A move toward beautiful clothes that are modest and actually make the person look good is always needed in the fashion world. Remaining fashionable is also a status war in itself, because you can only attain the status at which you can personally afford.

I find concept of something being "fashionable" quite puzzling. Why many people feel obliged to wear "fashionable clothes"? They don't wear it because of aesthetic value - or do they? If something was fashionable last season and now it is not, does it mean that the aesthetic judgement changed or do people recognize value in conforming to the majority?

The answer is simpler than you think. "Fashion" is the effect, not the cause. Combine two separate concepts: First, that pleasure resulting from a certain aesthetic fades over time. So yes to your first question, it is the aesthetic value that changes. You can only eat ice cream so long until you get tired of eating it, even though nothing changed about the ice cream. Similarly, people get tired of seeing the same kind of clothes being worn all the time. There is a certain pleasure in novelty.

Second, fashion has a social value, as well as an individual one. Socially, what people wear is a significant part of our environment, so it's more pleasing to see people well-dressed. Individually, to wear clothes that other people find pleasing arouses our vanity, so we have a personal interest in pleasing our society.

"Fashion" refers to this careful equilibrium between social pleasure and individual vanity.

It's more of a sign claiming "I'm up to date" than any aesthetics, but being up to date is very valued by many people, even if it is about something as irrelevant as clothing and even if being up to date about irrelevant things implies an opportunity cost and means lost opportunities to be up to date about relevant things. Subconscious thoughts are not characterized for being very deep.

TOPIC: People nowadays are paying a lot of attention to fashion. Do you think this is a good thing?

As a kind of art, fashion has its own values and benefits for people such as making them more beautiful. Nowadays, people are paying a lot of attention to fashion and I think this is a very good thing because of the following reasons.

First, fashion makes people become more attractive. On the roads, a girl dressing in fashionable clothes always attracts more attention of people than one in outdated outfit.  This is because as human beings, we all want something that is new and applealing rather than boring. And fashion, in this case, contributes a lot to the beauty of people. It makes them more pretty in apparels that are updated to the popular trends, which a number of people are interested in.

Secondly, fashion indirectly builds up a healthy lifestyle. People who love fashion always want to be in the most up-to-date dress. However, these clothes are just suitable for certain body shape, which is usually a thin one. Therefore, fashion and the love for it are encouraging more and more people to follow a healthful diet, to do exercise and to work out in order to have perfect bodies that are fitted in the clothes they like.

Last but not least, fashion makes our world an intersting place to live in. If fashion did not exist, the world might be a dull place where all people wore the same things with the same color. We could never see...
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