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The United States has always been a “safe haven” for immigrants, whether it is for religious persecution, Famine, or political corruption. In the case of Ireland it was for famine and religious persecution. When you think of emigration from Ireland the biggest thing that stands out in our minds is the potato famine in the early 1800s and people think that is the only reason we had emigrants from Ireland, but in reality they also came over because of religious persecution. The Protestants in Ireland were being prosecuted for not wanting to convert to Catholicism in the late 1800s. Persecution for their faith is why my family came to America. Unlike most of the emigrants my family moved directly to North Carolina. They made their mark on the buncombe county, Asheville area long before it became tlhe thriving area it is now. They moved to Buncombe County because the land layout is similar to what they were used to in Ireland. The mountainous terrain and cool climate helped make the move a lot easier. Folk Culture is slowly dying not only in Ireland but all over the world. Folk culture is a tradition or a way of doing things that has been carried with people from one place to another. The most common type of folk culture is food. The potato is something all Irish decedents know how to cook. A recipe that my family has carried with them for years is known in Ireland as boxty but in America we call them potato cakes. All boxty is, is fried mashed potatoes. Two other examples of folk culture are housing and clothing. Housing is an example of folk culture because not all styles of building are the same. In Ireland they built mostly with stone and used a unique style of roofing called thatching. Thatching is a technique that uses dried grass and stems from plants a weaves them together to create a heavy mat. Clothing is folk culture because the styles that the emigrants brought with them influenced styles here in America. Popular culture, also known as pop culture, is...
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