International Migration - Turkey to Germany

Topics: Population, World War II, Spain Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: January 7, 2014
The international Migration of Turkey to Germany

After the Second World War, which ended in 1941, Germany was in a state of economic collapse and needed rebuilding. The country had lost over 4.5 million people in the war. There was a big shortage of labour that threatened the industrial recovery because there were more job vacancies than workers so extra labour was needed. Germany solved this problem by importing ‘guest workers’ especially from Turkey. Turkey is a developing country on the Mediterranean Sea and the people there have, for many years, migrated to Germany to try and improve their standard of living.

Why Turkish people Migrated to Germany? (Push & Pull Factors) First of all, World War 2 left Germany with under populated population of Economically active people, therefore Turkish people have found a great opportunity to live in a better country in terms of quality life. Secondly, living in Germany meant living in a more developed nation (Higher Prestige): A more developed nation would result better infrastructure to the country which means:

- Better health care and benefits
- More educational opportunities for immigrants workers
- Standard of education would be better.
- Public transportation systems (which immigrants would most likely be using) would be a more developed and intricate system.

Finally and the most important one, Germany have offered many job opportunities: Turkey is not as economically developed as a country such as Germany. So an MEDC like Germany was offering many job opportunities and welcoming immigrant guest workers to the country, was a major pull factor. Advantages and Disadvantages (For Germany):

The Advantages Of The Turkish Migrants Moving To Germany Are:

Jobs- The migrants are a cheap source of labour for carrying out the dangerous jobs e.g. working in an asbestos factory. Also the migrants can be given the unskilled jobs which the people of Germany do not want attend e.g. street cleaning, but...
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