Insights and Reflections

Topics: Social responsibility, Drinking culture, Hotel chains Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: January 31, 2011

Raffles Institution (Junior College)
Project Work 2010
Task 2: Alternatives to Tackling Drunken Driving

One road block we faced was that our alternative did not address the problem of lone drinkers. Our group had proposed the concept of a free valet driving service in major hotel chains such as the Hyatt and Hilton Hotels where social drinking is prevalent, so that lone drivers who go drinking would be driven to their homes rather than drive under intoxication. Though it provides a solution to the lone drinker issue, we realised that this method is merely deterrence and does not arrest the problem of a lack of social responsibility while drinking. It was merely pinning the responsibility of the safety of the drivers unto the hotels, which they will they will unwilling to shoulder. Thus hotels will be reluctant to put in place such a service.

Therefore, we could propose the encouragement the of group drinking through education. Alongside our messages of responsible drinking, we could also highlight that it is safer to drink in a group. The message will point out that group drinking with your friends can be safer and more fun than drinking alone. This will sit well amongst youths as they engage in drinking to socialise and so will relate to them better. In this way, the DDS will also no longer be redundant.

Another drawback of our project was that since the scope of our project is only targeting youths, it is difficult to gauge the success of the project should it be taken to a wider public scale. It will require a lot more funding and enforcement measures to employ the “Bob” Campaign on a large scale. Furthermore, the receptivity of the other age groups to the campaign process is unknown to us as we did not dwell into that aspect in the course of our project.

In the future, we could rely more on the Government to help publicise the message of responsible drinking in the “Bob” Campaign. More frequent campaign seasons and road...
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