Influence on Teens and Children

Topics: Adolescence, Young adult, Self-esteem Pages: 3 (1225 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Influence on Teens and Children

You are shaped by the world around you. As a young adult you observe the world and people around you to get a better understanding of how you should present yourself to others, how you should handle certain situations, how to dress, what to eat, the way you should feel about yourself, and even how to survive in the human race. The two biggest influences in a young adult’s life are their parents and the celebrities they admire. Today Celebrities have a major impact on children and teenagers. Many could debate whether it is beneficial or harmful to our children to have these prominent figures in their lives or should the only role model be our parents.

Both Parents and Celebrities lead by example. There is a negative outlook towards celebrities because of the impact they have on young children and teens today. According to the article Celebrity Culture Harms Teens by Emily Stimpson: “Many American teenagers are obsessed with celebrities and becoming famous, which has negative emotional and social consequences” (Stimpson). Teenagers have the idea that fame comes quickly and most refuse to work for it and now have the belief that success can come instantly without any tribulations or loss (Stimpson). With teens and children today seeing the glamorous life style that these celebrities live, there are more children and teens unable to appreciate the value of an ordinary life (Stimpson). Celebrities also can affect young teens and children’s outlook on their own image. The outbreak of eating disorders across the world could possibly be associated with the pressure to be perfect in society. Children and young adults constantly compare themselves to these highly noted celebrities who have the perfect body and the most beautiful attributes. “Teenage girls say they are influenced by pictures of impossibly skinny women, even when they don’t want to be” (Bawdon). This message that you have to be skinny and society’s idea of beautiful...
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