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Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Wine, À la carte Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: October 2, 2014
For the first week, l was successful to memorize the table numbers both indoor area and outdoor area. After two weeks of work, l was managed to recognize all of the bottled beers and drought beers that Dakotas sells such as Tetley (drought beer), Little Creature (bottled beer).Besides bottled beers, l know different types of grapes of red wine and white wine such as Merlot ,Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

What’s more l am familiar with the daily special and a la carte menu. Also I am getting known for the daily operation, from the everyday startup like refilling the ice from the refrigerator to the bar, preparation for the lunch to the preparation for the Happy Hour. Sometime l need to prepare for the special events, for example l had to do the skirting for the pool table. It is a improvement for me . Some of the guests even come back again for just a word of thanks given that they need to rush to the airport to catch up the flight .

Then, l am trying the enhance the up selling skill. For example, Instead of Asahi, l would recommend the guest to try the beer of the mouth-Warsteiner.Also, l would recommend the guests to try the white wine MOMO because this is the most expensive white wine in the list. Although l learnt new skills and got improvement, l recognized l had come across some challenges. First of all, since this is the first time I work in the bar. I am shy and lack of confident to communicate with the guests. Given that most of the guests are pilots and crew members. Also, I treat the guests over politely, l tried to act like my pervious part time job-Disney. But it seems I did not performing the suitablemanner of what a sport bar should have. To solve that problem, l tried to observe how my colleagues interact with the guests. Then l changed the tone and the style of talking, l tried to treat them as my friends. By talking to them in a friendly way and remembering the name and the dishes they usually ordered, l gain the appreciation from the guests....
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