Increasing population is problem

Topics: World population, Europe, Population Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Every year World Population Day is celebrated on the 11th of July . Seminars and conferences, and by the same time considering the magnitude of the population that like every day it does not even come back for another year, until the day it is forgotten . With our country that the world population is growing leaps and four times that night . And according to me all the failed attempts to stop it are proved .

The world 's population is 6 billion 70 million 35 thousand . While the number of Mahaddhip Asia alone, the equivalent of nearly $ 4 billion . That 60 per cent of the world's population is Asia 's population . That 's up from Asia and especially India 's increasing population pressure itself - Bkhud is understandable . China is the largest populated country in the world . China has a population of about 1 billion 33 million . While India's population of 1 billion 14 million fast -beater is set on the population . Even India will surpass China as India is still a lack of awareness and education .


The harmful effects of this growing population can not understand how it can hurt us in the future . Talking of China is a Samrajywadi country . Here are restrictions for people endeavored to prevent the population being imposed . India is a democratic country . Without this is not possible here without spreading awareness and education can not curbed .

We just recently grains growing in Asia was attributed to the crisis . So we must understand that the grains crisis is now growing rapidly . Why grain with grain growing water crisis . Rapidly growing population is pushed to the rate of pollution . Urrhwarta of the land is dwindling rapidly . If we do not keep time conscious efforts to prevent the population from growing our own Bilbilayegen a day from hunger and thirst . Per capita per person without awareness and education this is not possible . Children are a gift of God to us , or else abandon the mindset extremely horrible things to prove...
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