?In General: Youth Subcultures, New Generation

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Sexual intercourse, Subculture Pages: 5 (1804 words) Published: January 5, 2014
1. In general: youth subcultures, new generation.
Modern society consists of a lot of categories. We want to bring up today for presentation about culture. Specifically we will spell out about youth culture. Our topic is about subcultures and everything it means. At first, let’s run through some definitions. 1. Subculture is a group of people within a culture which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong. 2. Generation is a large group of people, connected with almost the same date of birth. Difference between generations is less than 20 years. For example, X-generation is our parents, generation of 80’s \ 90’s; new generation is about us. We will talk especially about new generation. We can deal with some characteristics that belong to us. We are free. And it lets us to direct our power in different ways. That we do. Music, art and fashion subcultures are general spheres we use to stand out, but it is not a subject of our research. The worse way we choose is connected with small things that become very important and create an image of our generation. We talk about drugs, alcohol and smoking. My colleague continues… 2. Drugs, alcohol, tobaco: growing number of smokers, using drugs means "to be an adult", "en vino veritas". Today it is fashionable to speak about teenage problems. A few years ago using drugs, alcohol and tobacco were more problems for adults than for young people. The Government surveys (опросы) show that almost half of teenagers have an experience with drugs, alcohol and sex under age 16-18. A lot of teenagers who have drug or alcohol addiction almost never believe that they are dependent. These things are often combined with family and school problems. Most young people smoke because their friends pressure them to do so. They may be imitating their parents who smoke, or other adults they respect. In the past it would have been accepted as normal. But in the recent years attitudes towards smoking have changes. Take 1000 young people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day. A quarter of them will die from a disease caused by smoking. A chemical called nicotine is a substance that causes addiction. If you’ve ever watched an adult try to give up smoking, you know how hard it can be. It is easier, healthier and cheaper never to start. Cigarette smoking kills 2.5 million people every year. 100 billion cigarettes are sold every year. Why is alcohol so attractive to teenagers? Alcohol is a magic drug. It takes away problems. Teenage drinkers are no longer worried about their problems. It seems almost normal for people to turn to the bottle in a stress situation: alcohol is available everywhere. The media make you believe that our culture in which drinking is the grown-up thing. In films so often show a hero with a drink that drinking becomes a sign of strength. If you can drink a lot of alcohol and not show its effects, you will be proved that you are "a man." It's all very confusing to the teenager. He knows if he drinks at 15, it's illegal and he's in trouble. But if he drinks at 18 or 21 it is legal. Teenage drinking is very dangerous. Alcohol causes heart disease and finally brain damage. When the effect of a drink is over an alcoholic gets nervous and aggressive until he drinks again. He often fails to recognize the problem: "I can stop any time I want to," is the typical reaction. By the time he realizes he has got a drinking problem and he begins losing friends and is soon unable to carry on with school or work. Young people are often introduced to drug-taking by their friends. Many users take drugs to escape from a life. Drugs may seem the only answer, but they are no answer at all. They simply make the problem worse. Depending on the type and strength of the drug, all drug-abusers are in danger of developing side effects. Drugs can bring on confusion and frightening hallucinations and cause unbalanced emotions or more serious mental disorders. 3. Sex culture: "rude and nude"....
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