Impossibly Perfect

Topics: Woman, Female, Self-esteem Pages: 4 (1405 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Kimberly Diaz
English 101
Professor Edwards
12 March 2013
Impossibly Perfect
As victims of media and advertisements, women and men struggle to accept their bodies in American society. Although men an women are not portrayed in the same manner, both sexes seem to be affected psychologically, leading them to push their body limits while not caring about the side effects. With woman being portrayed as having value only for their appearance and seen as sex objects while men are portrayed as strong, lustful and dominating. Since media and advertisements define what it is to be a woman and what it is to be a man, people begin to reject themselves by trying to become the definition of the ideal man or woman. Woman do so by doing everything possible to become thinner an prettier, while men do so by trying to become stronger, more aggressive, and independent. Both sexes struggle to accept themselves and their bodies, due to the insecurities developed through media and advertisements; obsessing over doing everything possible in order to reach the perfection set by media and advertisements, while forgetting about the consequences. Living in a society where media and advertisements have a strong influence on people, women seem to be the most targeted group. Media and advertisements introduce images of extremely thin women who as said by Abbotl and Sapsfard “sell the image but also promise that wearing certain clothes will attract men”(407) Young woman are targeted the most due to their inexperience of handling the influence of media, as well as the fact that they want to be noticed by men, therefore being likelier to try and fit the image of what it means to be a woman in society. Sadly many young women buy into the images presented to them by media and advertisements, thus consequently suffering from low self esteem, dissatisfaction with their bodies if they do not obtain the perfect body. As Sanders from the article “The Influence of Media Marketing on Adolescent...
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