Important Output Computer Devices in Accounting

Topics: Input device, Left-handedness, Computer keys Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Considering the input devices required in setting up the office, The major computer gadgets that will be focused on are the Keyboard and Mouse. These input devices are going to play a major in the insertion of data into the office system. KEYBOARD The keyboard is the computer input device that enables the user enter data into the computer .the keys in a keyboard are classified into •Alphanumeric keys-consist of letters and number ,which helps in keying in and calculating data that are inserted into the system. •Punctuation keys-consists of the period,comma,semicolon,etc •Special keys-this keys consist of the function keys, control keys, arrow keys, caps lock key etc. Looking at the account office, the accountants needs the type of keyboard that enables them work effectively with ease. As an accountant, normally when entering a data, you type all the data with your right hand and have always have to stop and use your left to hit the tab key which is completely inefficient and discomforting. In order words in providing a solution for the discomfort, the R-tab Keyboard will be used in the office setup. the R-tab keyboard has the tab key on the right of the number pad, which makes it easier and more efficient for an accountant to use. So instead of having to interrupt the left hand to hit the tab key, the right hand stride wont be breached while typing .This r-tab keyboard will improve the efficiency of the office by 25% higher than the usage of an ordinary keyboard. The longer the accountants use it. The longer their productivity will increase. Accountants that have used the r-tab keyboard found out that they were able to finish data and numeric entries much faster in a much quicker manner. MOUSE

The mouse is the computer input device to which controls the location of a cursor on a video display that is connected to a computer. Generally in...
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