Impacts Of A Youthful Population

Topics: Demography, Population, Unemployment Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: February 23, 2015
There are many impacts of a youthful population and the effects are shown in Uganda. Due to many young people unemployment is common as there aren’t enough jobs for young people when they grow up. More unemployment means more people are dependent on government support as shown by 22% of Uganda’s youth is unemployed.

Increased poverty is an impact as more young people are born into families that are already poor, so there are more people in poverty. Some children may have to work to help support their large family, so they can’t go to school, which means they can’t break out of poverty.

There is increased pressure on public services there’s a greater demand for services like schools and childcare

Rapid population growth results in large numbers of children growing up and having families too, increasing the population further. This contributes to overpopulation if there aren’t enough resources to cope with the number of people

Housing is a basic human need and has implications for health and productivity of a population. Rapid increase in population has not been matched by the growth and development in basic physical infrastructure and the provision of adequate housing and social amenities is not keeping pace with demand. Outcomes include over-crowding, growth of slums and deterioration. Very low numbers have access to electricity and safe drinking water and pit latrines are the dominant form of toilet facility.

The youthful population accounts for a substantial expansion of the labour force, which is mainly engaged in agriculture and the informal sector. The potential labour force is expected to double between 1991-2021 to reach 16.8million. Very few employment opportunities can be generated in the formal sector and these limited opportunities for growth in the economy increase problems of unemployment, underemployment, rural-urban migration and crime.

As Gambia is an LEDC, they...
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