human relations in business

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Self-esteem, Personal life Pages: 5 (1778 words) Published: December 10, 2013

The Human Relations class has helped me in my life because it is a very important tool for personal and professional development of human beings. Human Relation Skills has helped me to improve interpersonal relations, as they play a key role in developing the whole person. Through relationships, I've reached an important social reinforcement of the immediate surroundings that have helped me to my adaptation. I’ll describe the general themes about the importance of human relationships that have helped me gain a better development in my daily life.

First of all, in the context of human relationships, communication skills play an important role because it is through communication that I could create and I maintain all types of relationships such as family, friends, and social. To achieve the development of my relationships has been necessary to study and understand the importance of human relationships in order to make communication a necessary tool for me and especially to develop strong relationships that benefit my skills to all of the people that surround me. On the other hand, through the human relations class I was taught to help strengthen my goals, taking the opportunity to create win – win situations, and achieving what I really want, and taking in consideration the goals and needs of the people are around me.

I have worked for my family’s business with them for several years; since I was young I always grew up in a hard-working environment. Sometime working with family can create some major issues and it has been pretty good for the most part but since I’ve had this class I’m trying to help them with their human relation skills and communication skills. You need to have a mutual respect for one another, because if they don’t respect you and you respect them, the end results are going to end up in some type of hostile work environment because people’s feelings could get hurt and could let to self-esteem issues. But if they have some weaknesses in an area, which I’ve experienced a lot because someone might do the job better than the other person it could lower the self-confidence level because they don’t think they’re as good as the other person. But usually in my family workplace we always try and make sure everyone has a high level of self-confidence so that way we all get along and better work will probably be performed. Efficiency***

Human Relations Skills are more important today than ever because todays problems make workplace survival an even greater challenge; increased workplace competition, rise of dual-career family, divorce rate, and problem of two generations of dependents. All of these increase personal stress and complicate issues in Human Relations.

When you’re around friends, family, or co-workers there may always be people you come across with self-esteem issues and they may not even realize it. It can be encouraged or damaged very early in life. I try to recognize and help people that I notice around me in any environment and encourage them to look in the mirror and tell them that they love their selves and to like yourself more and more every day to help build their self-esteem and self-confidence and to help grow in every aspect of life experiences and challenges they may encounter. It is the core of most issues in human relations. I try to teach others, as well as to remind myself, that you should always feel like you’re a worthy, great, wonderful person inside and out to higher their self-esteem. Having low self-esteem can make the person you’re around depressed, have anxiety, and mental health issues. No matter what any of my friends or family (co-workers), and classmates goes through I always try to assess the situation their going through and bring up positive/ happy thoughts (self-efficacy), and try to tell them to keep their head held high and know your being the absolute best you can be to yourself and others. Because these attributes directly, affect your performance and...
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