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population distribution - defn.
economic development

S-N migration: Italy, 60million in population whereas the Mezzogiorno has 20million. mezzogiorno covers 40% of land and only 35% of the population. Change in population distribution - economic change.

1960's S.Italy there was out-migration (population decline) towards NIP the North Italian Plain. 1951-1971: 4million people left southern Italy due to push and pull factors... PULL factor: Industrial Triangles in North attracted employment opportunities. PUSH factor: lack of employment in the south.

NIP expanded in 1970's which resulted in in-migration & natural increase. 1980's NIP experienced an economic decline and reduced workforce.

CASSA PER IL MEZZOGIORNO 'fund for the south'
the cassa was introduced by the government in 1980's.
It was introduced to improve economic development, the south experienced an increase in population. Jobs were created and there was a decrease in out-migration. People in the mezzogiorno began to relocate fom the uplands towards the coastal areas as soils were fertile due to Mt.Vesuvis enabling crop growth. Industrial Growth Poles were created in the south: BARI, BRINDISI, TARANTO. This industrial triangle created jobs such as oil refinery's, steel... which resulted in an increase in population.

Although the Cassa helped improve the mezzogiorno, it still remains an objective 1 region.

HIGH DENSITY REGION: 'the plain of campania' its near the largest city Naples and consists of fertile soils due to mt Vesuvius, this region is known for its vineyards.

LOW DENSITY REGION: 'Pasilicata' its a remote upland area with very few natural resources, out-migration is still continuous here.

Mezzogiorno; POPULATION CYCLE: stage 4, birth & death rates are similar.
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