Human Population Growth Paper

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Human Population Growth Paper


June 7th, 2013

Rebecca Dagley

The Types of Human Population Growth

There are two types of population growth. They are exponential population growth and logistic population growth. Exponential population growth refers to the population growth at a constant rare over the period of time. As for the second type Logistic population growth the growth rate decreases as the population size approaches carrying capacity (Simon, Reece and Dickley, 2010, Ch.12, p.409). For Exponential population growth the birth rate determines how slow or fast a population grows. Things like low resources, disease, etc. do not pose an effect to the growth rate. Logistic population growth depicts reality, because there are not many populations that disease, minimum resources, etc. that are a factor. While the number of an individual organism in the population increases, resources become an imperative as the conditions begin to grow. The population growth of humans has since changed over time. Things that incorporate into this are solely based on a few factors, such as birth rates, economic conditions, diseases, and much more. (Simon, Reece, and Dickley, 2012). These factors also depend on which area of the world is being studied. All that aside the Human population is growing at an astonishing rate (Simon, Reece, and Dickley, 2010). According to (Simon, Reece and Dickley, 2010), Because of the ever growing increases in population the environment has reached its maximum capacity. This also means that in order to continuous sustain the ever increasing population the production of food must increase.

Simon, E. J., Reece, J. B., & Dickey, J. L. (2010). Campbell essential biology with physiology (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pearson Benjamin Cummings.
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