Human Geography Test Review

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AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Mid-term Review Sheet
Please make sure you are able to understand the following terms, concepts and questions: UNIT 1: Nature and Perspectives (Thinking Geographically)
What is Cultural Ecology- Multiple interactions and relationships between a culture and the natural environment. Interactions and nature perspective of geography with human/physical characteristics Five Themes of Geography (Be able to cite examples of each)

Location: Highlights on how the geographical position of people and things on the earth’s surface affects what happens and why.
Region: Features that tend to be concentrated in particular areas.
Human Environment: What the affect humans have on the environment.
Place: All places on the earth’s surface have unique human and physical characteristics, also there is the study if the special characteristics and meanings of those places.
Movement: Mobility of people, goods, ideas across the suface of earth. Location: Absolute- The position of place of a certain item on the suface of the earth as expressed in degrees, minutes, and seconds of latitude and longitude. Relative- The regional position or situation of a place relative to the position of other places. (distance, accessibility, connectivity) Robinson v. Mercator…Benefits and Drawbacks: A Mercator Map has straight lines of Longitude and Latitiude but a Robinson Projection map has curved lines of Lonitude and Latitude. Map types ( reference v. thematic)

Choropleth: A thematic map that uses tones or colors to represent spatial data as average values per unit data.
Cognitive Map: An image of a portion of the earth's surface that an individual creates in his or her mind.
Dot Maps: Thematic maps that use points to show the precise locations of specific observations or occurrences, such as crimes, car accidents, or births.
Mental Maps: Cognitive maps
Preference Map: A map that displays individual preferences fro certain places.
Proportional Symbols Map: A thematic map in which the size of a chosen symbol - such as a circle or triangle indicates the relative magnitude of some statistical value for a given geographic region.

***Reference Map: A map type that shows reference information for a particular place, making it useful for finding landmarks and for navigating.
***Thematic Map: A type of map that displays one or more variables-such as population, or income level-within a specific area. Mental Map (importance): It is a map in your mind that helps you remember wher eto go so you don’t completely rely on technology to gwt you places. Remote Sensing – what is it? a geographic technique that monitors the Earth's surface from a distane using modern technology. Geographic Information System (GIS – what is it and what is it used for?) A collection of computer hardware and software that permits spatial data to be collected, recorded, stored and retrived displayed to the user. Global Positioning System (GPS) Satellite based

Region (formal, functional, vernacular/perceptual)
Large vs. Small Scale
Cultural landscape
Culture Trait/Complex
Culture Hearth
Spatial Distribution (Why is it important? What can it tell geographers?) “The Why of Where” Density, Concentration, Pattern (what does it mean/refer to?) Cultural Diffusion
Expansion Diffusion – contagious, hierarchical, stimulus
Relocation Diffusion – migrant
Spatial Interaction (accessibility, connectivity, distance decay, friction of distance, time-space compression) Globalization (What does it mean and why is it important?)
Environmental Determinism
First Agricultural Revolution & its effects (significance of plant & animal domestication) Agricultural Hearths (Southeast Asia, Meso-America, Middle East) UNIT 2 – Population
Population Density – arithmetic, physiological density: The measurement of the number of people per unit of land. Arithmetic: The popularion of a country/ region per unit...
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