Human Ecology of Island Resilience and Sustainability: Java Island

Topics: Population, Population density, Overpopulation Pages: 4 (1423 words) Published: July 16, 2013
The challenge of reaching both economic and environmental sustainability in the face of the rapid population growth of the world is frightening to developing country governments and to members of the donor community. What makes this challenge so tough is that sustainability and population growth are not independent problems. They are very well related to each other. They cannot be secluded from one another and they cannot be addressed separately. The solution needs comprehension not about how they are distinctive, but more about how they are related to each other. Throughout the developing world, population growth is placing more burdens on the farmland. The farmers with access to affordable inputs and in areas where cultivation is profitable are strengthening sustainably. They are farming more on the same land but making proper land developments and using the inputs to maintain soil fertility. But far more common are the farmers who push their land to the limit without using enough fertilizer, manure and compost, or without protecting the land with terraces and bunds, or those who push their farming out into the commons to survive. If they can foot the migration costs, they move to the cities and to the mines and plantations for work. According to the Malthusian Theory, poverty is a consequence of population growth. The Malthusians would mention epidemics and starvation in overpopulated urban slums, as natural draughts on growing populations that have surpassed the carrying capacities of the environments. Thomas Malthus warned that when population growth has exceeded natural resource growth, it would leads to catastrophic draughts on overpopulation. This would happen because population keeps growing exponentially while the food supply grew arithmetically. Without any population control, the population would be reduced by catastrophes such as starvation or war according to Malthusian theory. Malthusian catastrophes refer to naturally occurring on...

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