Human Development in Nigeria

Topics: Population, AIDS, Life expectancy Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Human Development Essay: Nigeria

Life expectancy is how long an infant, at birth, is expected to live for if they are healthy and born with no birth defects or diseases. The life expectancy is determined by finding the median age that both males and females live up to. Trends illustrate that women have a longer life expectancy than men. In Nigeria, the overall life expectancy is 52.05 years. Life expectancy for men and women are respectively 48.95 years and 55.33 years. Short life expectancies can affect a country’s economy by putting the working force at a disadvantage if many workers die at a rather young age. If there is a smaller workforce then the country can’t make advancements as quickly as they would be able to if they have a large work force. If Nigeria were to focus on advancements in healthcare, their workforce would increase and we would see a rapid advancement in the development of the country. Infant mortality in Nigeria is about 74 deaths per thousand live births.

HIV infection, often leading to AIDS, can cause problems in countries that are undeveloped but are in the process of trying to develop. If many of these infected people were part of the working force, the country will not be able to develop economically. A country should focus on medical research and teaching how to avoid the infections so that their work force can become full strength again with the next generation. Nigeria has approximately 3.3 million adults living with HIV/AIDS and about 220,000 deaths due to these infections. Many people living in Nigeria are unaware and uneducated of how the disease is obtained. A possible solution to lowering the infection rate is for hospitals to give out free contraceptives to couples.

Education is measured by how many years, on average, a person attends primary to tertiary school. About 68% of the total population is literate. Definition of literate in Nigeria means that a person over 15 can read and write. Men have a 75%...
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