How Global Population Growth Is Creating Serious Environmental Problems

Topics: Population growth, Developed country, Asia Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: February 18, 2013
How Global Population Growth is Creating Serious Environmental Problems

According to Population Connection, population growth since the 1950's is behind the diminishing of 80 percent of rainforests. It also accounts for the loss of thousands of plant and wildlife species, and an increase in in green house gas emissions. It also widely believed that population will account for water scaring as well. .

IN less developed countries the lack of birth control, as well as cultural traditions that encourage women to stay at home and have babies leads ti rapid population growth. This results happens in countries such as Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and others elsewhere who suffer from malnourishment.

While most developed countries have started to maintain a level population growth this is creating a drain upon our recosues. Americans, who represent only 4% of world population consume about 25 percent of all resources. Industrialized countries also contribute far more to climate change, ozone depletion and overfishing than developed countries.

Given the overlap of population growth and environmental issues,many would like to see an change in U.s. Policy on global family planning. Back in 2001 President Bush instituted what some people called the”global gag Rule” stated that foreign organizations that provide or endorse abortions are denied U.S. Funding support. Many environmentalists considered the stance to be a short view of the problem because support for family planning they consider to be the most effective way to check population growth and relive pressure on the environment.
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