How Alcoholism Affects Our Society Today

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism, Drug addiction Pages: 5 (2023 words) Published: September 25, 2011
How Alcoholism Affects Our Society Today
As a society everyone of us often feels the need to fit in with others and fall into a common group. Often everybody falls into peer pressure because we see it as if there doing it I should to. Or the feel of need to forget about our problems sometimes we make irresponsible choices. That is why in today’s society alcohol plays such a big role part in our life’s. Alcohol is a drug which we use at any age and any ethnic backgrounds, and that has serious effects on our family’s but not many of us realize this. Alcoholism is often considered as a medical disease, but its better treated as a psychological dysfunction.

Alcohol today is America’s number-one drug problem. According to authors Dale B. Hahn, Wayne A. Payne, Ellen B. Lucas, “alcohol remains the preferred drug most American adults, including college students, but as a society we are increasingly uncomfortable with the ease with which alcohol can be misused” (171). Moreover alcohol has been known to be taken advantage of a lot; and to feel or be recognized by a certain way of our peers. Why do so many people drink or feel the need to fall into a certain category of our surroundings? As a 2008 study research was made by indicates, “A lot of research has been done to find and explore the reason why people drink alcohol….the following answers came up, sociability (71%), like the taste (51%) , feel at ease (12%), get intoxicated (6%), get drunk (2%), because everybody does it (6%), to forget problems (0%)” (Moelker Drinking alcohol has always been a social activity to many, but it has also been a huge addiction to the society. Its more of a bad habit to me. In addition it becomes the need to drink alcohol to function normally. Because alcoholism makes people feel at ease with there socializing lifestyles. Not everyone drinks to fit in, the research proves 51% of the majority drink because of the taste enjoyment (Moelker Just like we all have our favorite taste/cravings of particular foods or drinks. We often tend to fall into certain temptations, but we must learn when to stop those temptations. It feels good to be doing what everybody else is doing. But drinking just because everybody else is following into peer pressure. Which then leads to problems in our lives. Alcohol is classified as a CNS depressant (Hahn 172).

Factors that cause the influence of absorption in alcohol are very risky but yet can be taken care of by the individual. The term absorption is defined in Focus On Health the book as, “the passage of nutrients or alcohol through the walls of the stomach or the intestinal tract into the bloodstream” (Hahn 173). As an individual we all have the right to say YES or No. Nobody can tell us what we CAN and CANT do. We take care of ourselves and our loved ones, but to what point do we stop caring for everyone because of an addiction such as alcohol? The absorption of alcohol factors are proven by authors Dale Hahn, Wayne Payne, Ellen Lucas, “alcohol concentration, number of drinks consumed, speed of consumption, presence of food, degree of hydration, body chemistry, race/ethnicity, gender” (173). As we all can see it is in our hands to make the right choice.

How can a alcohol addiction affect our families and society? I believe, alcohol addiction can begin at any time in someone's life! Especially if your young and hang out with the wrong crowd. I have experienced this myself, I graduated in the year of 09. As a young high school teenager, there was always and still is the peer pressure of drinking alcohol to look cool. Temptation is a huge part of high school. Teenagers want to experience what they see on TV, movies, advertisements or what they see there friends doing. As a teenager you don’t think of your actions until you get in trouble. Its apart of life we all go through that phase. They don’t realize the consequences. In a recent chart I found in Focus On Health the...
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