History Essay. Immigration to Canada

Topics: Population, Immigration, Human migration Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: June 6, 2011
Sadicka Arthur-Bharwani
Miss Sacco

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Tuesday July 7th 2009

Persuasive Essay on Immigration to Canada

Immigration is when one leaves their country of origin and move to another. The topic if immigration has always been a very delicate subject. This is due to the many problems immigrants have had to face in their new country. Today issues dealing with immigration are not as bad as they were many years ago. Immigration in Canada was not as popular then as it is now. During the 1900s-1918 not all migrants were treated with the same respect and acceptance as others. Immigrant and potential immigrants had to face many hardships. Firstly, during the 1900’s-1918 the population in Canada was low; and the government started campaigning for people to come to Canada however there was much “red tape” as to who could and couldn’t come. Secondly, those who immigrated to Canada were unsuccessful as there was a big regional difference. Lastly, the Aboriginals also known as first nation’s people were not treated well. The Aboriginals rights were not kept, and they where thought of as bad people who did not matter. In the nineteen hundreds immigration to Canada was problematic.

People migrate to a country because of its many pull factors. However a country like Canada in the 1900’s had as many push factors as it does pull factor. In the 1900’s Canada was not very populated, it was so under populated the Prime Minister Laurier was scared that the Americans would come and overtake their land. Charles Sifton was hired to ensure that the Americans did not become a problem. Sifton started a campaign known as “The Last Best West.” It is known to have caused one of the biggest migrations of our times. However as previously mentioned there was a lot of “red tape.” Sifton carefully chose applicants and many potential immigrants faced discrimination. Sifton wanted English people and since there was so much British people others were classifies as “too...
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