High Birth Rates in Kenya

Topics: Education, Birth control, Demography Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: October 16, 2011
What I noticed the most is that high birth rates in the earlier stages or phases of the Demographic transition. Anything prior to stage 4 exhibits high birth rates (TFR above 2.1) and also a lower quality of life. To reduce TFR and higher the quality of life the answer is obvious; push countries into stage four. If worldwide TFR wants to be lowered all countries or nearly all must be in stage four. To accomplish this, developing countries populations must be educated. Money must be put into the infrastructure of the country. Literacy and education levels must rise. There could be loopholes around the “gag rule.” Instead of giving family planning one could simply educate the implications of having a child. Implications of having sex in terms of health (condoms protect against STIs & STDS). Education and is a way to push a country into phase four, along with other factors. This would cost a ton of money, but there could be away to fix developing countries problems and ours at the same time. We could put a tax on fast food, or unhealthy foods and this could go to other countries. This would lessen the amount of non-nutritious foods eaten helping obesity problems in America. When there is outcry from American citizens than there can be a tax on some foreign goods or foods. The rationale to the American people could be: we take these products from people who are abused economically and a few more cents out your wallet could ease the pain of these people. Another problem is poverty, poverty is often linked to people being ill-educated. My solution I stated earlier would fix both problems
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