Health Promotion Proposal

Topics: Breastfeeding, Breast milk, Self-esteem Pages: 6 (2026 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Aim :To empower first time mothers who choose to breastfeed, to initiate and sustain breastfeeding exclusively for at least 3 months. This aim is appropriate to the identified health need of empowering the first time mothers by offering them active breastfeeding support, because, by helping the mothers to acquire skills the practitioners are using their own power(power-over) to help the first time mothers gain power (power-from- within).( Laverack 2009) Health promotion is enabling people to gain control over their lives. ( World Health Organisation 1986, in and Naidoo and Wills 2009). This aim is appropriate for the first time mothers who choose to breastfeed because it has been established that first time mothers know the benefits of breast milk and indeed they would want to breast feed their babies but what they lack is the skills and confidence to initiate and sustain it. (Hong et al, 2003; Henderson and Redshaw,2010;Graffyand Taylor2005).

1) To set up a breastfeeding practical skills class for mothers who choose to breast feed in Wolverhampton borough to run for 6 months. 2)To increase public places where breast feeding is encouraged/supported in Wolverhampton by 50% 3)To facilitate a more positive attitude towards public breast feeding in Wolverhampton by the end of the year The first objective, the setting up of breastfeeding ,practical skills class is an educational, (behavioural or skill) objective because, according to the Jarkata conference statement, World Health Organisation(1997), in Laverack 2009, access to education and information is essential to achieving effective participation and the empowerment of people and community. The first time mothers identified practical help and active support as a need in order to successfully initiate and sustain beast feeding(Henderson and Redshaw, 2010). Therefore this objective has an enabling effect towards empowering the first time mothers who choose to beast feed. The second objective looks at influencing local policies to increase public places where breast feeding is encouraged and supported. This is essential for successful breast feeding as this enables mothers to breast feed their babies even when they are not at home and thus remove the need for bottle feeding when mothers are going out. Policy is a major driver of health promotion(Naidoo and Wills 2005). One of the principle of health promotion as defined by WHO(1985) is directed towards action on the determinants of health , requiring cooperation between sectors and government. The third objective is about facilitating more positive attitude towards public breastfeeding. This is an environmental objective and this important as it has been identified that women decision to breast feed is influenced at a societal level(Henderson and Redshaw, 2010). Addressing societal perception to public breastfeeding will give the first time mothers the confidence to initiate and sustain breastfeeding. there lack of breast feeding culture in the UK(Griffiths et al.2007) This can be seen as the socieo economic, cultural and environmental determinant of health(Dahlgren and Whitehead,1991 in Naidoo and Wills,2009)

Models are simplified ways of describing reality which makes practice more effective(Ewles and Simnett, 2004). Several models are recommended for use in health promotion. Health belief model developed by social psychologists (Glanz,Rimer and Viswanath,2008). It suggests that the likelihood of an individual taking action for a given problem is based on their perceived susceptibility , the seriousness of the consequences the benefits and the barriers. It is useful for designing and evaluating interventions. Perceived barriers has been found to be the most influential variable for predicting and explaining health-related behaviors (Janz and Becker, 1984). It is limited in that it is a cognitive model and does not consider the emotional...
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