Health and social care diploma unit 305

Topics: Risk, Risk assessment, Rights Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Unit 4222-305

1. Explain how and why person-centred values must influence all aspects of health and social work Person centred values must influence all aspects of work as it provides a more holistic and individual support service for the individual. Person centred values also support the individual with making their own choices and helps empower the person.

Person centred values include;
Treating people as individuals
Supporting people to access their rights
Supporting people to exercise choice
Supporting people to be as independent as possible
Treating people with dignity and respect
Recognising that working with people is a partnership rather than a relationship controlled by professionals

2. Analyse factors that influence the capacity of an individual to express consent Factors that influence whether a person cannot consent are age, (are they an adult), illness such as a brain injury or potentially a brain disorder such as dementia and whether they have a good understanding of the situation and what risks are posed to them by acting or non-action.

3. Explain what steps to take if consent cannot be readily established A capacity assessment by a qualified professional should be carried out to see if the individual has the capacity to make decisions. These steps should be taken by professionals as stated in five principles set on in the Mental Capacity Act 2005. A presumption of capacity

The right for people to be supported to make their own decisions People must retain the right to make what might be seen as eccentric or unwise decisions Anything done on behalf of people who do not have capacity must be in their best interests Anything done for or on behalf of people without capacity should be the least restrictive of their basic rights and freedoms

4. Describe different ways of applying active participation to meet individual needs Encourage them and recognise their achievements
Ensure they have the right equipment or support they...
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