He Written Articles, Banana Peels Can Be Used to Shine Shoes so the Researcher Decided to Come Up with the Study of Making a Shoe Polish Out of Banana Peelings. the Study Aimed to Produce a Cheaper but Better

Topics: Drink, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol intoxication Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: August 12, 2013

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Loud speech. Bravado, boasting. Overly animated or entertaining. Boisterous. Overly friendly to other guests and employees. Drinking alone. Drinking too fast. Ordering doubles. Careless with money. Urging other people to have another drink. Annoying other guests and servers. Complaining about drink prices. Complaining about drink strength or preparation. Argumentative. Aggressive or belligerent. Obnoxious or mean. Making inappropriate comments about others. Crude behavior. Inappropriate sexual advances. Foul language. Making irrational statements. Depressed or sullen. Crying or moody. Radical changes in behavior. Speaking loudly, then quietly. Drowsy. Bloodshot, glassy eyes. Slurred speech. Difficulty remembering. Slow response to questions. Spilling drinks. Rambling conversation, loss of train of thought. Trouble making change. Difficulty handling money, picking up change. Lack of focus and eye contact. Difficulty lighting a cigarette. Lighting more than one cigarette at a time. Letting a cigarette burn without smoking. Clumsy, uncoordinated. Difficulty standing up. Unusual gait. Stumbling. Bumping into things. Swaying, staggering. Unable to sit straight in chair or on bar stool. Can’t find mouth with glass. Falling down. Mussed hair. Disheveled clothing. Falling asleep.

Remember, just because a person exhibits one, or even several, of these signs it does not necessarily mean that the person is intoxicated. A sober person may exhibit some of these signs as well-- which makes determining intoxication even more difficult. However, if a person who is drinking alcohol shows a combination of several of these signs and/or exhibits significant change(s) in behavior, the likelihood of that person being intoxicated is increased....
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