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sasedfxPopulation Growth and Economic Development
Population Growth and Economic Development
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The world's population surpassed 6 billion threshold in the late twentieth century , reaching 6,616 billion in 2007 . In just 12 years , world population has increased by 1 billion ( from 1987-1999 ) , is the shortest period in human history to add 1 billion people and 1 billion in the next 13 years will be achieved . World welcomes 7 billion citizens on 31/10/2011 past .

A number of UN study predicted that the momentum for 2100 , the Earth 's population will likely reach 10.1 billion people . However, the rate of population growth in different regions of the world is not the same . There is a paradox in poor areas of the country and is the most underdeveloped areas of population growth fastest . According to a survey of the U.S. Census Bureau , the population growth rate is the fastest in the poorest areas of Africa , the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent , where the average woman born 7 children . In the near future , the rate of population growth is fastest in Africa and South Asia .

Can confirm this issue has affected the survival of humanity . According to calculations of scientists , natural resource on earth can only feed a maximum of about 11 billion people . So if unchecked population that continues to grow today are limitless vision of a doomsday will not be far away , and the cause of this is due to our own . It can be seen that many of the current global problems are rooted causes of population explosion : poverty, backwardness , disease , resource depletion , food crisis , environmental pollution , war , ... the following statistics do not few of us startled According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO ) , since 1990 , every year the world lost 13 million hectares of forest . The area of primary forest is only 36 % , and that there are about 6 million hectares of forests wiped risk . There are 76 countries in the world are...
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