Happiness, Success, and the Power of Gratitude

Topics: Coco, Realize, Personal life Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: August 29, 2013
Ma. Eleonor A. Sonon

People set in their own minds that “Success is the key to happiness” instead of “Happiness is the key to success”. Now of course, everybody wants to be successful and happy but there’s a big difference between success and happiness. As I ask each one of you what is success for you, I assure that money will first come up in your mind. People usually say, “If I have a job with a big salary, beautiful mansion and elegant car, I will be happy.” Do people who earn a lot of money, is in a high position or a well-known superstar is a successful people filled with happiness? Does success certainly leads you to happiness? Think about it. A happy person will always feel successful but a successful person will not always feel happy. Happy people are grateful for what they have and loving what they are doing. Successful people are driven by what they're going to get and wanting to have more than what they have today. Successful people worry about what's next while happy people embrace what's now. Successful people are often bothered, frustrated, driven and discontent. However, these are the exact emotions that oblige them to be more successful. On the other hand, happy people are usually calm, satisfied, grateful and relaxed. Therefore, happy people enjoy the little things they have in their life and don’t pressure their selves to look for anything else. In the real world, it has been a challenge to all of us to be both successful and happy. This is why we see so many people in the world that appear very successful on the outside, but feel very unhappy on the inside. It's a tough mystery to solve, but it can be done. The answer may be gratitude. That means recognize the value of what you engage in and making the most out of it. You should always bear in mind the powerful question, “What if you woke up tomorrow and the only things left in your life were the things you thanked God for today?” It’s a strong reminder to begin and end each day by...
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