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Topics: Demography, Population, Population ecology Pages: 4 (828 words) Published: May 19, 2013
-Get into the world of Fun! This handout is about population ecology, YEAH!!!- [Chapter 53 Handout]
What is a population?
Population: Group of individuals of the same specie living in the same general area. * Why is population ecology important?
* Allows for monitoring of organisms impact on environment and also helps to regulate impact. * Helps to preserve populations of organisms.
* Ecologists efforts have helped to preserve endangered animals such as the BALD EAGLE TOOLS OF ECOLOGY
* Hey, how do ecologist record data taken from large populations? * Great Question! The answer is: they use manageable numbers. With a little math, some estimation and magic, ecologists can accurately calculate the approximate size of a population using the mark and recapture method! Density

* Density influences number of individuals per unit area or volume, reflects interplay of births, deaths, immigration, and emigration * examples are number of oak trees per square kilometer in Minnesota country or Escherichia bacteria per milliliter in test tube * Ecologists use a variety of sampling techniques to estimate densities and total population sizes Dispersion

* Dispersion is affected by environmental and social factors * Dispersion is pattern of spacing among individuals within boundaries of population * Three kinds of dispersion
* Many factors influence a population's size, density and dispersion. * Certain vital stats. will change from generation to generation, a common tool used to compare these changes is a life table. * Life tables present the death rates of different aged members of the same population Survivorship Curves

* y-axis is logarithmic and x-axis is relative scale, species with widely varying life spans are represented on the same graph Exponential Model
* Populations of all species have the potential to expand greatly when resources are abundant. * Per...
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