Glossophobia: Fear and Early Traumatic Events

Topics: Fear, Thought, Glossophobia Pages: 6 (2181 words) Published: January 4, 2014
Moreover, environment also contributes to the raise of this fear. It is best to start from the least scope, house. In this case, family plays a big role, especially parents. Parents sometimes overprotect their kids and hold the mindset that what parents do is always true. If such circumstances hold for a long time, the kids might have a tendency to detain whatever comes into their mind. In other words, the kids might have such a fright to express their creativity because the parents seem to have more power to control them. Being protective to kids is not a flaw. However, there is a limitation of being protective. Kids somehow need to develop themselves not by always being under parents’ protection. Parents also best to consider of accepting critics. In this case, parents thought can be influenced by the cultural bias. It is plausible that parents sometimes deny the fact that they are not always true or the kids may have better opinion. However, those close-minded parents also bequest the mindset to the kids that they do not have rights to speak up. This condition may be reflected by these kids to the larger scope of environment.Yet, besides the external causes, glossophobia may also be the result of internal causes. These internal causes basically emphasize on how they see themselves as a subject to themselves. Unfortunately, most of the glossophobics tend to underestimate themselves. This reason creates a high failure expectation. In other words, they always have extra awareness which make them think that it is best to keep what they have in their mind for themselves.

A low self-esteem affects fear of speaking in public. A low self-esteem usually starts from ignorance from the person himself. Such people always think that what-they-have-to-say is not important (Douglass, 2003). They always ignore the idea to be spoken up, whereas they do not know whether it is important or not for others. They still do not know, but they already judge that it is better to keep it only in their mind.

Furthermore, these people also have high failure expectation. Those who have been overly criticized have more biases to have higher failure expectation (Douglass, 2003). It is pretty much the same with one of the external causes, early traumatic events. However, high cautiousness appears due to high failure expectation. These people might over-think the idea which is about to be spoken up since they learn and absorb too much from the critics. Unfortunately, this high cautiousness often makes them avoid speaking in public.

Being a glossophobic consequently will affect many aspects of his/her life. It will not only impede the successfulness of learning, but also in the workplace or even in his/her own (future) family. People with this phobia have made a ‘barrier’ to avoid speaking in public, which means they have a problem in expressing things in their life. However, in particular events, we need to speak up. For example, we need to speak up for the presentation in a class or in a meeting just to let people know about our ideas. A-full-blown-panic-attack may have been the easiest-recognized-trait for glossophobics, when they are about to deliver a speech in any occasions. If these people still posses this condition and it seems to take a long time, this could be a huge problem for them. It will banish many opportunities which come into their life.

In brief, glossophobia is a phobia which is still related to social phobia or stage fright (Douglass, 2003). This phobia will bring the person to an uneasy situation, whereas it is only about speaking. The sufferers will dramatically take it as a situation which they cannot deal with while others do it without burdens. This severe fear sometimes also appears with physical distress if they are forced to speak in public. The appeared physical distresses usually depend on the sufferers themselves, different people, different effects. Mostly, people with glossophobia have complex reasons which...
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