Global Burden of Mva

Topics: Demography, Population, Mortality rate Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Global impact and burden of motor vehicle accidents (MVAs)
Motor vehicle accidents killed around 1.24 million deaths last year worldwide, (WHO 2013). This trend of motor vehicle accidents is projected to increase to 3rd of the world’s burden of disease (Shanthi Ameratunga, Martha Hijar, Robyn Norton 2006) from its current position of 10th in top causes of death worldwide just behind diseases like Diabetes 9th, Tuberculosis 8th, Lung cancers 9th and HIV/AIDS 8th (WHO 2010). This essay aims to investigate, compare and contrast the global impact (mortality, economic cost and morbidity) and the burden (DALY disability-adjusted life years) of motor vehicle accidents, with special emphasis on the newly emerging economy (Thailand) and developed country (Australia). We will discuss the magnitude, distribution and the determinants that exist between the two countries, and introduce implementation program that has been successful in reducing the death toll. The central theme of this paper will be to highlight the impact of MVA on the population health, and to compare the different strategies used by the two nations in order to bring down the impact of MVA. The global impacts of MVA and the Magnitude of Mortality rate is alarming, one estimates that around 3000 people are killed every single day, with 30,000 been injured or disabled globally, this means around 20-50 millions are injured or disabled each year (Vinand M. Nantulya1, David A. Sleet2, Michael R. Reich3, Mark Rosenberg4, Margie Peden5 and Rick Waxweiler6 2003). Mortality rate is unevenly distributed with low to middle income countries having to burden 90% of the death toll, while only having half of the world’s vehicles (Who2013) the key determinants causing this are the government’s inability to meet the UN’s plan to reduce the MVA around the world. It is called “Decade of Action for Road Safety” the plan calls for better management of the road, build safer roads, build safer vehicles, educate better road-user...
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