Give Some Advises on Cultural Literacy to Help a Visitor Who Is Going to Visit Your Country(Iran)

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Writing ̶ Give some advises on cultural literacy to help a visitor who is going to visit your country .

How do people great each other when they meet for the first time ? In Iran, people usually meet each other by shaking hands , saying hello and then ask for first name , family name etc . Here, it’s considered to not asking about their family or how much money they make for the first time and also calling them by their first name. People would rather to be addressed by their title and family name. The way that you greet someone for the first time will make your relations with others strong or weak. So you’d better follow the local customs here that I’ll mention. Are greetings customs different for men and women? How?

The most important thing here is that if you are a man, it’s definitely out of question to hug or make a friend with a woman or a girl in public .Men are not allowed to shake hand with a woman even they both are friend ,otherwise people around you will thought you’ve had secret relation with females and it’s not good for you because it makes them curious to know what you had kept hidden from them and it causes a lot of trouble then don’t involve yourself in these occasions if you have decided to stay to work here. Additionally don’t touch women’s hand if you know people can see you. For the same sex there’s no limitation to greet each other. When and how you address people formally?

As I mentioned people in public places would like to be addressed by their title and family name. When and how do you address people informally?
Nobody wants to be called by first name .If you do like that, the person who was called by first name or family name without the title, realizes that you don’t have any respect for them and will find it so impolite. What are some do’s and don’ts for table manner?

When you’re eating with other people it’s essential to follow polite behaviors and act like a polite person. Since you sat on the chair, don’t be talkative...
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