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 Garden business Introduction:
The Grant Garden Centres is a family business headed by John Grant who inherited it from his father forty years ago. Since John took business, two more stores were opened. However, at the time business suffers crisis which led to dissatisfaction of two other members of business who actually John’s relatives. The main issue is shall the way of business run changed. The case study will analyse two main factors of external environment influencing business, by further examining strength and weaknesses and finally suggesting recommendations to improve business Strength and weaknesses:

The labour of organisation
The owner John brought up in this business is well learned and passionate in terms of gardening. This factor leads to the first strength of the business meaning that proprietor is sophisticated in his specific field and therefore able to share knowledge and experience with other workers. According to Schiuma (2012) knowledge is a critical component of business enabling to find hidden, inherent information in different organisational data and might be shared and experienced with other members of organisation. Another positive point of the business is relationships between owners. Garden Centres is a family business, as a result, close relationships of owners might play an advantage in decision making as owners are trustworthy and solidary to each other. Intihar (2012) states that due to higher level of trust, family business can be more reliable than non-family firms. Mentioned two factors might be used as advantages for business, however there several drawbacks of business in current position. Firstly, John doesn’t pay attention for careful staff recruitment. Believing that it is easy to choose right person for particular job within minutes becomes a barrier in purpose to recruit quality staff. As it mentioned in paper, labour turnover high and growing thus it is better to make careful selection which can be based on several testing and interviewing. In those circumstances, more potential workers can be indicated. Certainly, selection process might take time and money, however, new potential workers can play key role in gaining more profit. It is important to recruit workers with appropriate skills in order to obtain more productivity and effectiveness (Taplin 2007). In addition, it is better to have permanent staff as they are able to attain more experience and get sophisticated (ibid). There are number of disadvantages of having temporary workers. Firstly, those employees are less motivated and working weakly efficiently. Secondly, for short time of working process there is a lowest chance to become great specialist (Wilson 1989). As it stated in this paper, there is large number of juniors working temporarily who don’t see this job as a career and therefore working less productively. Additionally, it is stated that usually recruitment completes by scheme of being friend of friend which doesn’t identify employment of suitable workers. Marketing strategy:

Concerning marketing issues the promotion of brand is not really developed. According to Nick (2010) ‘the heart of your business success lies in its marketing, most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing’. The term ‘marketing’ covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers. Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it (Nick 2010). In case of Grand Centres, the marketing concentrated on advertising through billboards and local radio. The main strength is that local residents are able to absorb information through the billboards and catch some info while listening to radio. Even so, there are some drawbacks in terms of scale of advertising which seems to...

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