Gap and Macy

Topics: Globalization, Population, Demography Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Chris Hulass
Mrs. Hartl
Chapter 6 discussion questions

2. The companies like Gap and Macy’s for a large retailer would face the most complex task environment. Task environment is the set forces and conditions that originate with global supplies, distributors, customers, and competitors and influence managers daily. I think large retailer face the most complex because they are large companies that expand globally and have many threats and concerns to deal with. Supplies, customers, distributors can all change or be removed all together. I think large retail stores have to stay relevant and on point with everything that happens in the company. 3. The population is aging because of declining birth rates, declining death rates, and the aging of the baby boom. This might cause implications for the pharmaceutical company because they would lose business and profits would be down as well. I think no one will need medicine or any products for health because of the declining birth and death rates. But also the aging of the baby boom generation could also affect the company in a good way. I think it is hard to say based off of one statement and you need more statistics.

4. The general environment and changing of the global environment influence the political, legal, and economic forces of a national culture. Globalization is the set of specific and general forces that work together to integrate and connect economic, political, and social systems across countries, cultures, or geographic regions so that nations become increasingly interdependent and similar. I think the most important effect on how a country does business abroad is how they communicate with other countries and the type of exports and imports it deals with. I think countries do well when they have something to offer that other countries do not have. An example could be oil or type of resource that is not very common. Countries that are needed do well. But also I believe communication is the most...
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