Future: Want and Life

Topics: Want, Self-esteem, Need Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: October 1, 2010
Do you dream if living a long, healthy life in the next 20 years from today? Fortunately, it is much easier to achieve this dream today, in a more technologically and medically advanced then ever before. In order to improve my health and live healthy for the next 20 years, there are many things that I will need to do. I will need to eat, drink and sleep with a constant routine so that I will be able to live those 20 years healthy and happily. Maintaining a well balanced diet is essential in order to live a longer life which everyone wants to. Eating and sleeping is not the only things that I will need to do in order to enjoy a healthy life. The most important thing I believe in order to live a healthy life besides eating and sleeping is to live life stress free and have fun. I also believe spending more time with my loved ones will make me happy and I will have a good life.

Tomorrow, the day after today is very important. It is an indefinite time in the future. One question many people have on their minds is, what does tomorrow hold in store for me? What “if tomorrow never comes? ” life has many up and down, there are many friends and families that are going to stay by and some that are going to be gone. In the next 20 years I plan to spend my life with my family and raise my children with the best support a mother should give. The best thing I would want to do is to get my kids a good education so that there future would be better than ours. The company of my family would make my life so much easier to live, where as if I had no ones support by my side at my tough times. I would also like to live an adventurous life 20 years from now because I would be all done with my education and I would be working. The main goal is to support my family so they don’t have to face any financial problems which some people to.

The future of education is in our hands if I were to ask you who would the president 20 years from now? Most of us will not even think of...
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