Freedom of Expression: Why Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture, Beer Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Gabriel Araujo
Mrs. Brooks
English II
7 May 2013

Freedom of Expression: Why Drinking Age Should be Lowered
At age 18 in the United States you are now considered an adult, and expected to make your own decisions, hopefully the right ones. If you want you can even sign up for the military or vote for president. These decisions are not easy to make which is why only an adult can decide these types of decisions. Even though you can make all these grown up decisions, you can not make the decision to drink a beer. This is unpatriotic, lets get real one of the most American than things to do is watch Superbowl Sunday with all your bros while drinking a nice cold beer. The drinking age should at least be lowered for the men and women that enter the military.It is not fair that you can go into the army and get shot, but you can not take a shot.

The United States government is actually unknowingly supporting dangerous activities by not lowering the drinking age. Teens and young adults ”under the age of 21 tend to drink more when they get hold of alcohol because of the uncertainty as to when they might be able to drink again”(15 Reasons Why Drinking Age Should Be 18). The more they drink the higher their BAC will be and that could lead to some dangerous fatalities not only to themselves but to other people as well. As soon as many teens hit college they start to party and a lot more, but they do not know how to drink responsibly because the drinking age is too high. Due, to the drinking age being 21 all underage drinking is done by illegal means so colleges can not regulate it, “These colleges and universities say that allowing alcohol consumption legally might help cut down alcohol related deaths in colleges”(15 Reasons Why Drinking Age Should Be 18). This high drinking age leads to curiosity and makes alcohol seem more “glorifying” than it really is, but the government will not let you drink it. At the same time though Uncle Sam wants you to join the...
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