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A control system covering the sale of all food and beverage in a foodservice operation is essential to maximize revenue. The type of control systems used will vary from one operation to other. All control systems should be as simple as possible, making it easier for F & B service staff to operate it and for accounts and control department to check the same.

The following methods and/or formats are typically used by the F & B and Control Department. 1. Food and Beverage Checking System
The chart is based on a triplicate method for food and the duplicate method for the dispense bar. The chart indicates that all top copies go to the dispense points (bar/kitchen) and follows the flow of information through until top and second copies are matched up by control.

2. Customer Bill/ Checks
It shows the customer’s order and the prices being charged for each. It is entered in a visual display unit and is printed out once the guest is ready to pay for his/her check. It also displays the cash paid and change/tip if any is also mentioned.

3. Special Checks
a) Follow on/ suivant: It mentions that another check has already been issued for the same table. E.g.: When a sweet check is to be written out after the first and main – course has been cleared.

b) Supplement: It is issued when insufficient food is provided and should be signed by the head waiter or supervisor.

c) Return/in its place: It is made when a wrong dish has been accidently delivered to the guest. Prices of both the dishes should be mentioned (when ordered from an a la carte menu).

d) Accident: When the waiter has accidently dropped food and the food needs to be replaced. No extra charges are levied.

4. Consumption Control
It measures the food allocated to a particular area in a restaurant or bar and deducts the amount of food returned. The final total should equal the consumption. This consumption is then checked with actual sales to identify shortages/surplus.

5. Order Card
Breakfast card are filled by the guest and hung on the door handle outside the room and in the morning the housekeeping attendants collects it during his/her morning rounds and delivers it to the kitchen.

6. Sales Summary Sheets
Also known as, restaurant analysis sheet, bill summaries or record of restaurant sales. The usually provide data on; information of items with different gross profits, sales mix information, records of popular and unpopular items and record for stock control.

7. Bar and Cellar Control
These steps are used to establish the flow of beverages in the bar or cellar, in order to establish the revenue that is being received.

8. Cellar Stock Ledger
It is used as an extension/in place of goods received book. It shows the movement of all stocks into the establishment and the issues out to the bars or dispensing points. It usually includes the cost and selling point.

9. Bin Cards
They are used to indicate the physical stock of each separate item that is held in the cellar. The movement of each item in and out the cellar should be recorded in the bin card.

10. Requisition
Most alcoholic beverage dispensers use this form to withdraw items from the cellar. They are usually numbered or colour coded. It prevents the bars from overstocking and controls its’ movement.

11. Daily Consumption Sheet
It lists all the sales in individual service area

12. Sales mix
It is generally derived from the sales summary sheet. It helps to determine the popular/ unpopular items on the menu, helps in predicting the future demands, variations in customers’ interests and concluding where profits/losses are being made.

13. Seat turnover
It determines how many times a seat is being used during a service period. It is derived by dividing the no. of covers by the no. of seats in circulation.

14. Average check
It helps in calculating the average amount being spent...
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