Food and Beverage Operations

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Test Paper 1
Subject: Food and Beverage Operations II Serial No.72365JTest No.1Edition: 2 Question 1
This means that liquor outlets can refuse entry and alcohol to any member of the pubmic without giving a reason. Question 2
* People orientated – beverage managers must be comfortable leading their employees and working with the public. a manager is expected to walk the floor and talk to patrons. * Honesty – in some cases beverage manager’s work for the owner of the establishment, who has entrusted his or her managers with the restaurants profits and supplies. Stealing from the establishment or other dishonesty is a fast way to lose the owners trust. * Organized – a good beverage manager will know the key to success is preparations. This means ensuring beverages are fresh and ready to place when customers arrive, beverage managers must be strong administrators. * Flexibility – a beverage manager may be required to work late hours, especially if employed at a bar. You will need to be prepared for all situations. A good beverage manager has the below 5 characteristics:

* Confidence
* Honesty and integrity
* Good management skills
* To be able to work well under pressure
* Reliability
Question 3
On-consumption – an outlet where liquor is served over a counter or to table for the customers to consume on the premises. Off-consumption – an outlet where liquor is sold to the public for consumption elsewhere. The liquor must be sold unopened in sealed containers. Question 4

A bar control system is important in order to attain correct and accurate stock control. Question 5
Possible discrepancies are:
* You used the incorrect selling price in the calculations. * The issues and opening stock values could be incorrect
* There could be spillages
* Stocks have been stolen as a result of poor security
* The addition and extensions could be incorrect
Question 6...
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