Food and Beverage

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* Define what beverage service industry is;
* Trace the development of beverage service industry from the taverns to today’s beverage service establishments; * Compare and contrast the types of today’s beverage service establishments. Definition

Beverage Service Industry- is an industry comprising of establishments or businesses that offer primarily beverages, foods and sometimes entertainment and other services. Bars- are establishments or businesses that primarily offer beverages, food and sometimes entertainment and other services to its customers. History

According to records the beginning or the development of hospitality industry in general and the Beverage service industry in particular can be traced back to the time of the Sumerians. Although some civilization exists together with the Sumerians in other places, Sumerians were able to come up with a written record of their civilization. And during their time, they were considered the most progressive group of people. * Ancient Sumeria / Sumeria 4000 BC

Some part of Sumer is the present day Iraq.
Taverns- were places serving beverage particularly “ale” and places for social gatherings. * The word tavern was derived from the Latin term taberna and the Greek ôáâÝñíá / taverna, whose original meaning was a shed or workshop. * By the 19th century the word tavern had evolved into the current term being public house or pub house or pub. * The Empire Era 3200 – AD 476

Ancient Egypt
* A papyrus from ancient Egypt warns “do not get drunk in taverns…fear that people repeat words which may have gone out of your mouth without you being aware of being uttered them.” * It is a proof that tavern continue to exist. It is also an indication to early people already knows the effects of alcohol to the body and mind. Ancient Greece 1100 ‘B

Establishments serving foods and beverages:
1. Lesches – serving fine food and drinks.
2. Taverns – places for the poor.

Greeks travel for:
1. Religion
2. Sports or game
3. Conquest
Ancient Rome 500BC – 476 AD
Romans conquered almost all parts of Europe.
Romans travel for:
1. Trade
2. Religion
3. Pleasure or relaxation
4. Political
Pompei, Rome – 118 bar or taverns were discovered.

* Decline and Revival AD 476 to AD 1300
After the fall of the Roman Empire, life in most of Europe became much more primitive. * Travel and tourism whether for business or pleasure virtually ceased. * Travel was primarily for religious purposes.

* The church through its monasteries took over the job of feeding and housing the travelers. The place housing the travelers were known as “xenodocheions” which means an inn.

* Renaissance AD 1350 – AD 1600

* Some degree of safety had returned to the roads one of the critical element in the development of the industry. * Trade and travel increase.
* The rise of the middle class in the economic life of Europe. * Ale house or taverns reappeared along trade routes.

* Early Modern AD 1600 – AD 1800

* The development of roads was one of the critical elements in the development of the industry. As more people travel more needs food & beverage and accommodation. * The introduction of the stagecoaches as means of transportation. * Post houses were built along stagecoach routes and they serve as places for food and drinks accommodation for the traveler. These also were tired horses were changed for fresh horses to continue a fast travel. It is the equivalent in today’s gasoline stations.

* The Industrial Era From 1800

* The development of rail travel.
* In entire Europe taverns becomes a permanent establishment. * In England taverns were known as public houses or pub houses or pub, a place for pleasure and worship.

Other versions of tavern all throughout Europe:
1. Inns – are establishments where travelers can procure food, drink, and...
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