Food and Beverage

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What does the term ‘right of admission’ mean ? (6) It means that a Proprietor allows the customers of his hotel and he reserves the right admission with him . Entry of customers subject to rights of hotel owners. It also means that the store owner or management are allowed to deny entry to potential customers without giving just cause . The decision as to who is allowed in or out is usually up to the store owners discretion , which can be in good judgement or not . The right of admission notice also allows the shop security to search your bag or your person at their own discretion. For proper justifications , the owner may restrict the Right of Admission to certain categories of people or customers in the following events : (i) If the customer is a nuisance under the influence of alcohol , drug or lunatic . (ii) If the customer is naked (though simple dress code is allowed) (iii) If the customer is below 18 years of age , that too in a restaurant /hotel who has been given a permit for serving alcohol or drugs. (iv) If the customer is fighting or disturbing or causing annoyance to other customers. Etc -If the owner does not use his above ‘Right of Admission’, then another customer can sue the Hotel/Restaurant for deliberate negligence with criminal abetment and for ‘defiency in service’ besides for ‘damages’ to untold extents.

Give five characteristics of a good beverage manager and explain in your own words why these characteristics are important. (15) (i) People-oriented
A beverage manager must be comfortable leading their employees and working with public . In fast food restaurants , some managers also work as cashiers. In fine dining establishments the manager is expected to walk the floor and talk to the patrons . At the same time they have to ensure their employees are working efficiently . If a customer has a complaint , its usually up to the manager to smooth things over and make sure the customer wants to return in the future . (ii) Honesty

In some cases beverage managers work for the owner of the establishment , who has entrusted his/her managers with the restaurants profits and supplies . Stealing from the establishment or other dishonesty is a fast way to lose the owners trust and make it difficult to find a similar position in the future . (iii) Organized

Advance preparation is a key success factor in restaurant operations. Beverage managers must be strong administrators . Your employees will rely on you to decide what days and times they are working and what their responsibilities are so scheduling staff hours is a key task , as well as handling payroll. Your employees will expect to be paid regularly and at the same time each week or every two weeks , whatever the schedule is . (iv) Willing to learn and lead

It will be the beverages managers responsibility to make sure the restaurant does not face liability issues, so he will need to stay up to date on safety certifications and management techniques. Employee retention can be a major success factor in the quality of services and reduce new employee expenses , such as training time , new uniforms and the time it takes to learn the job . (v) Flexiibility with hours

His hours will depend on the venue for which he works. If he works in a restaurant or a bar , he might at times need to work late at night . He must be prepared for all situations if his goal is to work in management . QUESTION 3

What is the difference between on-consumption and off-consumption of liquor ? (6) (i) On – consumption
On consumption liquor is liquor which can be sold and consumed on licensed premises. E.g hotels , clubs , and restaurants

(ii) Off- consumption
Off consumption liquor is liquor sold that is going to be consumed off the premises. Examples of these premises include shops , liquor producers and...
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