Factors of Population Growth

Topics: Population, Demography, Nuclear weapon Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: August 20, 2013
There are many factors of population growth but we can put them into five main categories; birth rates, death rates, emigration, immigration and technology. Technology plays an important part in the population growth around the world. With the new technologies in medicine alone, the average age of a person has gone up. Not only that, but certain medical issues such as appendicitis where people would just die from can now be cured through surgery. Children born with defects such as a hole in there heart have been able to live much longer than ages ago where they did not know how to cure or help the situation. There is another side to technology other than helping people live longer. What I am talking about is the advancement in military weapons and being able to more efficiently kill. Although weapons are for destruction and death, they are also more efficient in such a way where innocent people don’t get killed as much. In WWII when they dropped the atomic bombs, thousands of civilians died. Now they have tactical nukes to strike certain areas and not cause as much destruction to civilians. Another problem with population growth and technology is that third world countries birthrates are surpassing the death rates while in countries like the U.S. the death rates are higher than the birthrates. This wouldn’t normally be a problem for these third world countries except for the fact that they do not have the technology to be able to sustain the population as far as medicine and food. This can lead to emigration from these countries to others such as the U.S. This Immigration to countries such as the U.S. can have a negative impact on the country by using even more of the country’s resources. There is not really away to affect population growths other than maybe pass a law to limit the amount of children that a family may have. In the U.S., these laws would not stand. Although the government could find other ways to do this such as weather control to cause...
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